Finish Off Your Evening Look with a Peignoir

Finish Off Your Evening Look with a Peignoir

The peignoir is a classic lingerie piece that not only helps to finish off a sultry evening look, but can also be used to cover up sheerer items underneath. These light and flowing robes can be paired with any type of lingerie you’re currently wearing. For some, the robe is enough on its own, especially if it’s opaque. These robes come in an array of colors and styles, with some being more see-through than others. Regardless of how the robe is worn, it is a staple in all intimates wardrobes and complementary to any other piece you may be wearing.

Grace, Style and Elegance

One element that sets a peignoir- (view page) apart from so many other pieces is its timeless, classic and elegant look. While many lingerie wearers assume that their pieces are enough, they may not have a garment that finishes off their look for a polished, sophisticated touch. These pieces are light, airy and can be worn as a cover-up for sheer items underneath or when you want another layer that can be removed during a steamy intimate encounter.

Comfortable Wear for Any Occasion

These light robes are incredibly comfortable to wear and forgiving on size. Regardless of your curves, you can always rest assured that you look your best and can feel confident wearing the lingerie. Some of these pieces are sheer in nature and can be worn alone or alongside other lingerie. Other robes have intricate patterns and designs that can be beautifully matched with coordinating pieces. Finishing off your nighttime look is as easy as wearing a light, delicate intimate robe. These robes are easy to care for and can be paired with a variety of pieces that you already own. Every intimates wardrobe should have at least one peignoir in it for wearing over more delicate lingerie.


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