The Benefits of Wearing Thongs

The Benefits of Wearing Thongs

Thongs are one of the skimpiest types of panties on the market, and they’re oftentimes thought of as some of the sexiest, perhaps because they show off so much of the derriere. The origins of the sexy thong are highly debated. While some attribute it to the 1939 World Fair when the mayor of New York decreed that the nude dancers had to be covered and others attribute it to the beaches in Brazil and still others attribute it to a fashion designer who released one of these types of panties back in 1974, one thing is sure. The term is French and has become synonymous with sexy lingerie.

Whether you love them or hate them, there are definitely a few benefits to wearing this type of underwear.

1. No Panty Lines

Perhaps one of the most notable benefits to the thong-type panty (more on is that it’ll eliminate panty lines. This is perfect for when you’re wearing a tight dress or formfitting pair of pants and don’t want any unsightly panty lines showing through your clothing. However, it should be noted that thong-type panties don’t show panty lines if they fit correctly. If you happen to be wearing a pair that is too tight or has elastic that digs into your hips, then the strings of the panties could still show through. In fact, for maximum comfort, it’s essential to make sure that you buy the appropriate size when buying this type of underwear. Many women say they are uncomfortable, and some of the reason they might experience discomfort is due to the fact that they’re not buying the proper size.

2. Increased Confidence

This type of panty can definitely make you feel sexier and more confident throughout the day. The better you feel about how you look in your undergarments, the more self-confidence you’re likely to exude all throughout the day.


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