The Difference in a Chemise and a Camisole

The Difference in a Chemise and a Camisole

You might have heard of both a chemise and a camisole, and you might have actually seen the terms used interchangeably. While they are similar, there are a few noted difference between the chemise and the camisole.

First of all, a chemise is typically longer than a camisole. A camisole is more like a shirt-type garment while a chemise is more of a shift-type garment. A chemise is kind of made like a classic smock, although it’s been modernized over the years.

Chemises have been around since the medeival ages when women not only slept in them, but they also wore them underneath their clothing to protect their good clothing from becoming dirtied from the oil from their skin. It wasn’t just women that wore chemises back in the old days. Men wore them and slept in them too, and back then it wasn’t uncommon for chemises to come down below the knees and even down so far as the ankles.

Nowadays, chemises aren’t made quite like that, but they do kind of serve as slip-type garments. Camisoles serve kind of like a slip as well, except that they are typically shorter and just cover the top part of the body. Chemises can go down to cover the derriere.

While many women wear chemises nowadays for practical purposes, there are also chemises for sexual foreplay and sex appeal. The sexy chemise comes in many variations. Some of them mimic the style of babydoll lingerie with loose, flowing satin, lace and sheer fabrics to tease and tantalize your partner. Some of them are decorated with ribbons, pearls and other frilly accents.

Then, of course, you can also get relatively plain chemises that can be worn Obsessive under everyday clothes. If you’re needing something a bit longer in length, though, you’ll want to stick with a chemise over a camisole.


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